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What if your employees could learn to make better financial decisions in the workplace? Your workplace pension is undoubtedly the benefit that costs you the most, so it should be the benefit your employees value the most. HL Workplace provides more choice, flexibility and control for your workforce, all under one umbrella. Click the icons below to learn more »


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Roadmap to pension success

This process might not seem easy. But we're here to make it easy for you. Our roadmap outlines the five key steps towards helping your employees connect with their hard-earned savings.

  • Support to make your transition as smooth as possible
  • Ongoing scheme management to answer those difficult questions when they arise
  • Savings solutions for all your employees

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I find it so easy to keep a track of on the app, and the tools available on the website are very useful - I particularly like the calculator I can use to help me understand how on track I am. I know exactly where I am with my pension from month to month.

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Our clients include

Read how we helped one of our clients reach financial wellbeing success here. And it’s not just our core service, we provide extra support on our website for those moments where you need a bit of a helping hand.

Workplace Insights

We work hard to provide you with valuable resources and insights to help you navigate the complex world of pensions and employee benefits. Find out here »

Pensions Pocket Guide

Manage your workplace pension scheme with confidence. The Pensions Pocket Guide has been designed to help HR professionals learn about pensions the simple way. Find out here »

5 to Thrive

The pandemic has demonstrated how much difference it can make to have something to fall back on when life hits us with the unexpected. Our 5 to Thrive is designed to help people like your employees become more financially resilient. Please feel free to share these steps with your employees so that you can support them on their journey to becoming more financially confident. Find out here »

Savings and Resilience Comparison Tool

Even though employees can’t always control what happens in life, they can prepare ahead to improve their financial security over the long term. We’ve been taking a look into the nation’s financial resilience in this report. And, what’s more, lots of employees won’t know how resilient their finances are – or how they compare to everyone else. Use our new tool to find out how resilient your finances are here »